12 Dec 2014

Nestlé Professional Customer Engagement Center

Nestlé Professional is a consulting business unit in Nestlé dedicated to provide creative branded food and beverage solutions to their operation partners like food chains, restaurants and café.

In 2012 Nestlé Professional group engage Inkmason International to design their first customer engagement center, which will be rolled out in different cities in China. Among all, Beijing has been chosen to be the first, for its close proximity to the corporate’s Greater China headquarter only one block away in WangJing area. This provides great flexibility in managing the facility and using it for staff training purpose. Since our designers designed the corporate’s headquarter in 2009, it becomes natural for Nestlé professional to commission Inkmason International for the design of this project and expect us to create a space that is innovative yet consistent to their headquarter.

The total area of the new center is only 665sqm, but consisted of a full function Western and Chinese kitchen, an open show kitchen counter, a Chinese banquet table setting, a coffee and beverage training bar counter, a café seating area, a training room of 45 people, a tasting room, storage area, male and female guest washrooms and an operation office. With it’s variety of functions, our designers created a layout that allows fluid circulation with corner-less pockets of functions, yet maximizing the efficiency of the floor plate.

At the entrance, the wall gives the whole center a prominent identity, at the same time acting as the dividing wall for the training center behind. Following the logo wall that extends deep into the facility, the coffee and beverage training bar wraps around the corner with a branding backdrop highlighting different beverage brands of Nestlé. A café seating is next to the counter, in front of a moveable metal screen with modern Chinese motif that separate the informal coffee area and the formal Chinese banquet table.

To give the formal Chinese banquet area a more distinctive corporate feeling and a high end dining experience, our designer used the NP logo to create an abstract actwork on the wall with brass plates installed on a rough black marble wall. The result resembles gold fishes swimming in a Chinese ink wash painting. The space is designed to flow from one into another, yet allowing distinctive atmosphere.