17 Jan 2015

Teambuilding – Inkmason

As the cold wind blew and the sun peaked above the tree-line on the very last Saturday of year 2014, our team arrived with great anticipation at Chaoyang Park East Gate. It was our Year-End Workshop organized by our partner Lamsquare Consultant from Macau, Deane Lam and partner with Cara Steenstra, both entertaining and experienced professional trainers. The Topic of our workshop being “Let’s Strive!” or “迈!” says it all.

Though it was a cold December day, we greeted our beautiful trainers with wide smiles and blushing cheeks. Cara laid out the activities planned and before we realized, we were already engaging these tasks and empty flip charts filled with colors and words. Ding, Cara would control the time with her meditation bell. It marked the beginning and end of each session for us to learn about ourselves and discover curiosities about others such as musical tastes, literature choices and even pet preferences.

The last mission was challenging enough. Cara purposely scrambled our roles and tested our delivery as a team. Our coordination and communication skills were put to test and like bees, we had nothing but one mission in our minds. The space was suddenly transformed into a busy office even though daylight was fading away quickly as time flew by.

After a full day workshop, we all realized that we have great potential to develop and perform more efficiently. We could see that our ability to prominence was there, and we needed each other to improve. Finally, hands were shaken and hugs were given.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our best regards to our lovely trainers, Deane and Cara. Last but not least, we would like to send our appreciation to Walter Knoll for letting us use their lovely showroom as the venue for the workshop, which gave us great flexibility and comfort.

Walter Knoll Website: www.walterknoll.de

Lamsquare Website: www.lamsquare.net