17 Jul 2015

Owning Challenges as Our Responsibilities

Every day, people at work face new challenges. For business to thrive and compete successfully in our ever-changing world, we must learn how to deal with challenges effectively!

In order to do so, Deane Lam from Lamsquare (www.lamsquare.net) and Cara Steenstra, has prepared a Workshop for inkmason: Owning challenges as Our Responsibilities.

The workshop started by reinforcing the communication skills of L-A-P (Listen-Ask-Paraphrase), which we have learnt from the last workshop session.

Aligning the Personal Values with Company’s Core Values

To succeed and achieve milestones, it is imperative to align the personal values with inkmason’s core values, which are Expertise, Interactive, Diverse, Passionate, Reliable, Creative, Forward-thinking and Dynamic.

The alignment helps:


  1. Foster employee unity
  2. Improve organizational performance
  3. Increase employee satisfaction and retention
  4. Create synergy
  5. Facilitate better communication
  6. Build trust

Trust Model

Someone once said “Avoiding a problem doesn’t solve it.” As professionals, we should take responsibilities, own the problems and solve them effectively. Trust is above all, the foundation on which a team produces quality work. As such, Cara and Deane introduced the Trust Model:

Getting acquainted – Rapport

  1. Getting acquainted
  2. Sharing of facts
  3. Sharing of ideas
  4. Sharing of emotions
  5. Rapport

From “Baking a cake” to “Managing a project”, Cara and Deane guided us step by step through a fun and creative process to create an effective way of dealing directly with challenges.